‘I Have Never Cheated In 20 Years’ -Twa Twa Pastor Confesses

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Trending pastor responsible for the ‘twa twa’ catchphrase Sue Munene has revealed deeper details of her marriage.

Sue and Joseph Munene have been married for close to 20 years now. The trending couple is blessed with three children named Wisdom, Winner and Joy.

Speaking during an interview on Radio Jambo with Massawe Jepanni, the couple revealed that they have never cheated on each other.

“Sijai twa twa nje ya ndoa,” said Joseph Munene.

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That does not mean that the pastor doesn’t get hit on. According to his wife, women around still lust after him because of his young-looking face.

When asked what has kept the two in love after all these years, they revealed that it is none other than the ‘twa twa’ that has made them famous countrywide today.

“Si pesa na tukisema ni masomo tungekuwa tunadanganya. Ile kitu imeleta ladha na furaha ni twa twa twa,” said Sue.

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She also revealed that on sexual matters, the couple decided to keep it real with each other to ensure maximum satisfaction.

In support of Mike Sonko, Sue clarified that when she said that married couples should have sex everywhere, she did not mean in the CBD. She said that sex is a private affair between lovers.


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One of the regrets that she had with her preaching going viral was the fact that it exposed their three children who are still too young to talk about sex.

“Sex is not for children!” Sue said.

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