Video: The Horrifying Process Vera and Other Girls Use to Bleach Their Skin

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Skin bleaching has evolved from the simple application of oils from River Road to more advanced use of chemicals to get a permanent light skin pigment.

Many Kenyan celebrities rock their bleached skins proudly without regrets. From VeraSidika to Bridget Achieng, the list is endless. Somehow lighter skin is preferred more among women today.

Sidika said she’d had the skin lightening done in the UK and suggested it cost somewhere around 15 million Kenyan shillings ($170,000; £100,000).


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“I have lost count right now but the last time I checked it was close to 3 Million Kshs or so. It’s part of my life you to accept and sit down and decide you wanna do this. You don’t just wake up and decide you wanna do a skin tan.” Bridget revealed.

What they don’t tell you about their new skin, however, is the process they underwent to get it and we can assure you, it’s not pretty.

A video posted online showing the terrifying process involved in getting rid of melanin has surprised many netizens and angered even more.

In the video, a dark-skinned woman is seen lying in a bath-tub looking vessel filled with bubbling water-looking substance. A woman holding a stick is then seen using it to peel the melanin from her legs.

While explaining, she reveals that the service is offered at House of Frida Body care and Spa at 30,000 nairas.

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“Its a whitening instant body wash. It’s very very effective, dead cells peeling off immediately. ” she is heard saying.

They are using chemicals to peel a layer of the skin to become white. The video has received a lot of criticism from online users.

Asmu Shikar said, “I am black African but Still love my Skin and feel proud of it , what these women are doing is Called “self-hate “, you got to love yourself for who you are. That’s really shameful to own something beautiful but to not appreciate it.” 

Celia Batts added, “Notice the person who’s applying this treatment to people has not done it on her own skin. She knows how hazardous those chemicals are. This is really sad.”

Liz Shaquira joined in saying, “This is madness on the highest level 😳😳😳😳. I ain’t changing my melanin for anything. I am wonderfully and fearfully made. God doesn’t make mistakes.”

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Some netizens moved to enquire about the place the procedure was being procured.

As shocking as this video is, some people are stylishly asking for information about the place because they want to go get it done. Some people can’t be helped. Really sad. How can anyone see this and want this?” Summer Aku Vlogs asked.

Jennie Aina Hyacinth asked, “Did she say FREDA BODY CARE AND SPA? I need the full name of the spa and the address if possible. It will make a good review. I have to write about this place and the dangers of doing this because tomorrow they will start soliciting financial help from us to treat one disease or the other.”

Check out the horrific video below:

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