Dennis Itumbi Speaks on Jacque Maribe’s Pregnancy

Jacque and Jowie (Instagram)

Dennis Itumbi has spoken on rumours of Jacque Maribe being pregnant with Jowie’s baby. This was in a Q&A session with fans.

“C Jackie Maribe alikuwa na ball ya Jowie kwani hazai?” a fan sought to find out.

Itumbi then replied with, “Alikuwa nayo ? Eish hii soap opera nayo. Eeh ilikuwa ya twins triplets ama?”

Another fan decided to shake the table by asking why Jacque Maribe’s son had the same kind of ears as Itumbi.

“Mbona yule mtoto wa Maribe ana masikio kama yako?” wrote the fan.

This time, Itumbi seemed displeased with the question and shot back with, “Ndio akusikize ukiuliza akuulize…sasa wewe umekosa kitu ingine dunia mzima ukaona udiscuss masikio?”

Since Jacque was incarcerated, Itumbi has been her defender leading to claims that he wants more than a friendship with her. However, despite them even sharing a kiss, the two maintain that they are just friends.

Jacque Maribe even explained their kiss that started all the relationship rumours during an interview with Kiss 100.

Jacque and Itumbi (Courtesy)

Jacque Maribe’s explanation for the kiss that started the relationship rumours about 4 years ago was that the kiss was just a friendly kiss that got out of hand.

“It was a joke that went too far. One of our friends decided to take a picture of us and in a span of five minutes it was in a WhatsApp group and it took a life of its own. I hear he was at my folk’s home and paid my dowry, mi hata sijui,” Jacque explained on the Kiss 100 drive show.

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