Muthoni Drummer Queen’s Reaction After Ugali Flour Was Declared Unfit For Consumption

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Muthoni Drummer Queen Photo: Courtesy

Muthoni Drummer Queen has rallied a wake-up call to Kenyans aged 18-40 after Ugali flour was declared unfit for consumption.

Taking to twitter Muthoni poured her heart out saying it was about time.

Muthoni’s post comes days after there was an airing of an NTV investigation that revealed how state regulators have let millers flood the market with maize meal contaminated with high levels of cancer-causing aflatoxins.

“This sh*t ends with us. If you are between 18- 40 years, this crap version of Kenya ends with us. We cannot take this b***s**t to the next part of our life, let alone to another generation. Enough. THIS. SH*T. ENDS. WITH. US. It’s been time, but now, it’s really time,” read her post.

Muthoni has in the past used her voice, and her platform urging Kenyans to do better.

“Because we are better, we deserve better, we are able to change our circumstance, we are able to design the country that we want, the situation that we want and it’s truly up to us,” said Muthoni.

Her post attracted various reactions from Kenyans and the majority were in agreement.

One fan Harry, however, disagreed with Muthoni claiming nothing much would be done by this generation.

A generation still waiting for 70yr old baba to lead demonstrations will just yap and tweet and do NOTHING,” he wrote.

On the other hand, some netizens thought Muthoni’s idea was something to go by.

“The whole country from the watchman at the gate to the leaders just need to change this culture of impunity. Leaders are a reflection of society. We have the power to change but I don’t know how or where to start. The rot is just too much. We are literally killing ourselves,” wrote Turquoise

Below were some reactions.

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