Sonko Advises Kenyans on How to Avoid Being Brutalised by Police

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has advised Kenyans to show respect towards police officers, in order to avoid being subjected to use of excessive force, as witnessed Monday during riots by JKUAT students.

Taking to social media to congratulate Inspector General of Police, Hilary Mutyambai, for his fast response to video footage showing four officers brutalizing a student, Sonko surprisingly appeared to heap the blame on the public, over rampant acts of police brutality against picketing citizens.

The County Head, who has in the past found himself on the wrong side of the law, pleaded with his followers to cooperate and show respect, whenever engaging police officers in their line of duty.


“I am appealing to the members of the public to be cooperative and respectful to all our disciplined law enforcement officers when they discharge their duties of maintaining law and order,” Sonko wrote on Facebook.

He also noted that positive reforms have been enforced in the Police Force, terming the four officers as a rogue section of law enforcement.

“I wish to take this opportunity to commend the Inspector General of police Hillary Mutyambai for his swift action, in concluding the disciplinary process, and interdicting the 4 rogue police officers, who were caught on camera assaulting a JKUAT student in under 24 hours,” the flamboyant Governor said.

His post was in response to an announcement by the National Police Service that the four servicemen had been suspended, awaiting further disciplinary action.

” This is the way to go and Kenya we want,” Sonko affirmed.

The student in the video clip, one Allan Omondi, was later locked up at Juja Police Station, although he was released shortly afterwards, after the intervention of social media influencer Xtian Dela.

However, before securing Allan’s release, Dela was roughed up by police, who allegedly accused him of being a terrorist, aiming to blow up the station.

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