Beware! Most Dangerous Drug Criminals Are Using To Immobilize Nairobi Victims


Next time someone tries to hand you a pamphlet in the CBD, think twice before taking it.

Surviving life in Nairobi and its environs has become an extreme sport. Day by day, the security situation in the county gets compromised as gangsters find new ways to steal from hardworking citizens.

The newest method that has been adapted by criminals is the Scopolamine powder also known as Devil’s Breath. This is a new method they use that doesn’t involve any violence.

Instead, they use Scopolamine powder to immobilize their victims as it turns them into a zombie-like state.


Scopolamine is an anti-nauseant drug medically used for motion sickness. It is nowadays commonly being abused to waylay innocent people in Nairobi and other parts of the country.

It can be blown to your face, placed on your skin during a handshake or given to you soaked in a business card. Its effects are nearly immediate. You become dizzy, weak, vision becomes blurry, you get zombified, confused and lastly lose free will.

They majorly bank on the later. You will give out your bank PINs plus ATMs, your money in the pockets/purse and MPESA transfer with your full knowledge without being coerced to do so. They may tell you to do anything and you will do without questioning them back. They will rape you and you will not fight back. Later on, when you recover from its effects you will have no memory of what happened.

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Here are some security guidelines for you :
1. Do not stand with strangers you don’t know. Be aware of your surroundings.
2. Do not engage with strangers who pretend to talk to you.
3. Don’t walk alone in town especially high-risk areas that you are alone (if possible).
4. Do not offer to give directions when asked of especially the person asking wants you to personally take him or her there.
5. Do not leave food or a drink unattended to while going to the long or even for short call. Should you leave, let someone you trust to take charge of your drink.
6. Always have a high index of suspicion; the robbers are usually well dressed women and men. You will least suspect.
7. Walk fast in town to the specific place you are headed. Stop idling as you may be a good target.
8. Even while driving through crowds like in popular “matatu stage”, always be alert; as they may spray this while you are on jam.
9. When using PSVs, esp matatus, keep your neighbour in check! He may be one of the criminals.


If you suspect you have been drugged, here is what you should do:

  • With your last energies, shout for help…most times, unfortunately, you may have lost your voice already!
  • Drag yourself to the closest shop or Security Officer for help.
  • The effects wear off if you wash your face and hands.
  • Get to the hospital as soon as possible.
  • Report to the nearest police station, whenever you can, even if they do nothing, you will have done your part!

Help your loved ones by passing this information to them. Your Security starts with you

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