7 Reasons Why Kenyan Women Can Be Pregnant For Months and Not Know About It

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As strange as it may sound, many women have experienced the phenomenon of being pregnant for months and know nothing about it. For some, the situation has gone as far as giving birth to surprise babies.

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There are a number of reasons why this happens to women. Read about them below;

1. No signs of Pregnancy

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Some women don’t go through the usual symptoms of pregnancy including low back pain, pelvic cramping and nausea. Since there is no indication of a pregnancy, many assume they aren’t pregnant.

2.Irregular Periods

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Some women experience irregular periods throughout their lives. This makes it difficult for them to notice the trend necessary for pregnancy indication.

3. No pronounced baby bump

For many women who struggle with obesity, it is difficult to notice a baby bump growing.

4. Still on birth control

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Birth control has many different effects on women. For many, irregular periods becomes the norm and hence skipping their periods a few times a year isn’t alarming for them.

5. Age

Women in their late 30s and in their 40s often mistake pregnancy symptoms for menopause.

6. Intermittent Spotting

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Women undergo many different changes during pregnancy. For those who experience intermittent spotting, they could easily mistake it for periods instead.

7. Denial

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For some women, it is all in the mind. They could be in a high-stress situation hence they choose to remain in denial about their pregnancy. Instead, they could blame the weight gain to poor lifestyle choices.

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