I’ve Had Raw Sex with Hundreds of Men but Don’t Have HIV- Woman Confesses

I’ve Had Raw Sex with Hundreds of Men but Don’t Have HIV- Woman Confesses

A woman has opened up about the hedonistic lifestyle she enjoyed before getting married.

The woman who is now in her late thirties revealed that she has had four abortions, has slept with hundreds of men and even engaged prostitution.

Lucky for her, she didn’t contract any Sexually Transmitted Diseases and there were no ramifications for undergoing abortions even though her companions were not so lucky.

Check out her confession below: “👉 Confession moment. Please hide my identity, don’t reveal to anyone even the devil himself because he also might not accept me. I have made numerous sins throughout my life. Now 39 years, married I have done all kinds of immorality ever since I was about 14 or so years. It all started when I was in adolescence and some parts of me became responsive. My mom used to mourn so loud during sex that I got so turned on next room with only a cardboard separating our rooms. I would gladly say she inspired my sexual escapades from there onwards because since that time, I’ve lost count of the guys I’ve slept with though am sure it’s hundreds, have had 4 abortions, have married and separated 18 men, have had encounters with a lot of women, have done sex for money for a whole year. I don’t regret all that what I regret is the girls I’ve helped to abort and the ones I introduced to prostitution. That is one part of my life that I regret because two of them can’t have children and they blame me indirectly even though they requested I help them in the first place then 5 that I know of have contracted Hiv/Aids while on business. What surprises me is I have never had a single STD my entire life even though I can count the number of times I have had protected sex. am married now with a two-year-old baby girl, somehow I’ve settled even though I cheated twice in marriage while I was pregnant. It just happens that my libido erupts when I am pregnant and my husband is those types that don’t like having sex with a pregnant woman especially when the bump starts to show but am working on being a good wife.”

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