I Want To Hire Boda Boda Men To Disrupt My Ex’s Wedding-Nairobi Woman Confesses

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Some people easily get over hurtful moments by their exes while some take time to heal before they can forgive and move on.

There is a common belief that revenge is the best medicine. Although some people prefer resolving issues peacefully.

Resenting over an ex-lover can make you do crazy things and later you regret your actions.

Although you can choose to be friends with your ex-lover you should be careful about the circumstances at which the two of you ended your relationship.

It is advisable to cut off links with exes especially if your relationship was violent or emotionally frustrating.

A Nairobi woman has revealed how she wants to hire men to disrupt her ex’s wedding.

Have a look

Someone come to my rescue! I’m married but there is this ex we broke up with and I moved on immediately but yeye took some time.

I went home last week only to learn that he is marrying by a wedding which is scheduled to happen on 30th this month.

On Saturday the lady’s parents were in his home….shetani alinikujia aki wivu ikanijaa hadi kwa kisigino.

I hired some boda boda guys around our place, paid them 50bob each wakenda huko kurushia athoni mawe.

My mom has just called to inform me natafutwa na polisi. One boda guy was arrested ndo ameniuza.

Where do I start? NB/I still feel like hiring some more to disrupt the wedding.


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