Kenyan Top Boxer Weighs in On Tyson Fury’s Imminent WWE Debut

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British professional boxer Tyson Luke Fury, who is considered to be one of the world’s greats, is planning to make history by venturing into Wrestling.

The WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO heavyweight champion has made a decision to fight American aristocrat Braun Strowman in a WWE fight scheduled for October 31 in Saudia Arabia.

Though he insists his decision-one he made even without consulting his advisers, is right, many of his fans are anxious to see how it goes down.

In Kenya, top boxer Rayton Owkiri has weighed in on the issue. The African Boxing Champion thinks Tyson is a focused athlete who can always achieve his goals in whichever sport he competes in.

“Tyson is a giant in boxing and I believe he can also pull a huge surprise in wrestling. He has what it takes; the energy, the strategy and the ambition. I wish him all the best,” Okwiri said.

While the move was not approved by his promoter Frank Warren, Fury maintains that the “spontaneous” decision is a “great” moment in his life.

“I didn’t take a lot of persuading,” said Fury, who also announced he could have an MMA fight in December.

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Kenyan boxer Rayton Okwiri. [Photo: Courtesy]
“Nobody knew about it until I appeared on Smackdown in the Staples Centre. I didn’t even tell them [my advisers], otherwise they would have advised me not to do it. Nobody is happy, but I would not be Tyson Fury, aka The Gypsy King, if I wasn’t spontaneous.

“I love WWE and I think it is great for entertainment. I think it is great for my life and my career.

“Let’s just say everyone is going to be shocked [by my professional wrestling skills]. It is something that I have always wanted to do, so I took the bull by the horns. If I get injured, I get injured.

“Nobody can teach me how to box. What I don’t know about boxing isn’t worth knowing. That’s a fact.

“I am unbeaten in 11 years, I am 30 fights unbeaten as a professional. I have won five World Championships and every honour there is to win in boxing, and I am still only 31.

“I can box with my eyes closed, I know every move there is to do. You cannot teach an old dog new tricks, so I am not bothered about the boxing, because I can always do that.

“It is like riding a bike, no matter how long you go without riding a bike you will always be able to ride it when you get back on. For me it’s the same with boxing. It is easy to me.”

Fury’s last boxing contest was a win over Otto Wallin in September, while he is still set to face Deontay Wilder in a rematch next year, with the previous bout between them in December 2018 having ended in a draw.

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