Phone Burst Into Flames on Board Ferry

Ferry users were on Tuesday left in shock following an incident where a phone on board burst into flames.

Through a tweet, the Kenya Ferry Service confirmed that the incident occurred in the morning on the MV Harambee vessel plying the Likoni-Mombasa channel.

The authorities, explained that a man had caused a scene when the battery from his phone went up in flames after he opened the cover.

Ferry users aboard the MV Harambee when the tragedy struck

KFS added that the matter was handled with efficiency by the staff and police on board who have launched investigations into the matter.

Further information revealed that the man whose identity is yet to be established, threw the phone into the ocean after the disaster struck.

The coastal county seems to be rocked with tragedies and incidents in the recent week and month.

Last month, the coastal town was left in shock and pain following the Likoni tragedy that claimed the lives of a mother and a daughter whose car sank after it fell into the ocean from the vessel.

Last Saturday, police discovered a live sniper bullet near President Uhuru Kenyatta’s podium that was used during the Mashujaa Day celebrations.

It was reported that the ammunition was found at Senti Kumi, Likoni, which is directly facing the Mama Ngina Waterfront Park where Uhuru graced the event.

Details from the media alleged that the distance between the two points is 500 metres.

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho giving a public address during the Mashujaa Day Fete

A sniper bullet depending on the firearm used, covers a range of approximately 3,218 metres based on various factors.

Detectives handling the investigations declared that the bullet which puzzled them, could be linked to three terror suspects arrested in Mombasa, three weeks prior to the fete.

Information from the police alleged that the suspects were planning to carry out an attack during the celebrations.

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