My Mzungu Boyfriend Gives Me Bad Sex- Nairobi Woman Shouts

Sex is meant to be pleasurable, glorious and exciting. However, it can be so frustrating if your partner is not good in bed.
Most of us have a certain expectation when it comes to sex and it is so disappointing when these expectations are not met.

Some ladies like it big, hard and strong. Anything less than this could easily turn them off.
It is even worse if you concluded that someone can satisfy your sexual needs just by their outlook only to realize he is not good in bed.

Although it is something that both you and your partner could work out, there is a possibility that some people will not change.

You might have bad sex once in a while which could be understandable. It becomes a concern if you have no record of a day you had good sex with your partner.

A Nairobi woman confessed on social media after she was disappointed by her mzungu lover’s bedroom antics.

“But you people who dates white men how do you handle this we made out almost two hrs,he’s so romantic I was already wet but nagusa kakitu kake bado kamelala kama ka mtoi🤣
“I was disappointed nikalala sijui alifanya nini manza kudozi ndo naona kamekuhard ndo nikalalia na hakana nguvu kanashinda kakichomoka☹
I had that feeling that nitakuwa disapointed anyways.nyie ufanya nini na hawa guys that wants sex but can’t even f**”.

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