Raila Slams Judiciary For Setting Aisha Jumwa Free

Orange Democratic Movement(ODM) party leader Raila Odinga has slammed the judiciary for setting free Malindi Member of Parliament(MP) Aisha Jumwa and her bodyguard after they were allegedly involved in the murder of the uncle to Ganda ward MCA.

On Saturday, while addressing mourners at the burial of Gumbao Jola in Ganda ward, Raila insinuated that the two suspects should have been detained to allow for investigations into the shooting incident.

“Police officers went to the court and requested that the two suspects be detained for 21 days so that they can proceed with investigations uninterrupted.

But the court released them. That shows that our courts have a problem. They need to be investigated,” said Raila.

The ODM leader condemned the shooting incident saying it was against the ongoing efforts that seek to ensure peace and stability before, during and after an election.

“We agreed with Uhuru that no one should lose his or her life because of politics,” said Raila

The late Gumbao is an uncle to the newly elected Ganda ward MCA Reuben Katana.

The uncle to the  MCA met his death on October 15, after a scuffle ensued at his homestead when Jumwa allegedly stormed the home with violent youths.

Image result for aisha Jumwa arrested
Aisha Jumwa and her bodyguard in court.

It is reported that Katana, an ODM candidate then, was training his agents ahead of the by-election when the Malindi MP interrupted the session resulting in the shooting incident.

Jumwa and her bodyguard were later arrested and arraigned.

The court set the two free on Ksh500,000 bail or Ksh1 million bond after spending two nights in the cells.

The court dismissed a plea by security officers to have the two detained for 21 days pending investigations.

Despite being an ODM member, Jumwa was supporting an independent candidate Omar Mohamed.

Omar was the winner of 2017 election on ODM ticket but lost his seat after a court petition.

He opted to contest for the seat on an independent ticket reportedly out of Jumwa’s advice.

Here is Raila’s full speech:


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