I want To Leave My Cheating Husband But I Am 7 months Pregnant- Woman Cries

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Finding out that your man/husband is cheating is one of the toughest things to deal with.

While some assume that it is so easy to walk away, some people take time to fully decide to walk out of the relationship.

It could even be twice harder when you discover that he is cheating while you are carrying his pregnancy.

The stress of being in a relationship with a cheating man does not just affect your mental health but you will always live in fear of diseases.

In the institution of marriage, people persevere with many things with the hope that things will change or for the sake of keeping the vows.

A city woman has today asked the public to advise her since her marriage is in trouble.

Here is her confession

Mum’s I am 7 months paged n I have packed my bags ..I want to leave this marriage..😭😭this man analala nje aki n sitaki magonjwa Mimi…but now my granny are at home with my biological parents.

My granny suffers from a very dangerous disease and  it consumes alot of money hence ata sijui kama naenda kuwaongezea mashida😭😭😭I feel sad..I feel weak n sometimes I feel like staying…but the kind of sadness am going through is not allowing me.

I don’t believe I can spend another night with this husband 😭😭 mums tell me what do I do…do I go or stay…it really hurts me. 


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