Raila Junior Makes Two Demands After Bodies In Likoni Tragedy Recovered

Raila Junior wants someone to be held responsible for Likoni Tragedy and family compensated.

Raila Junior Odinga has made two demands to the government after the body of a mother and her daughter were retrieved from the Indian Ocean on Friday.

Taking to his twitter handle a few minutes after the 13-days recovery mission was completed, the son of the ODM party leader, Raila Odinga,  demanded that someone should be held liable for the tragedy.

“Finally some closure at the Likoni Channel, families of Mariam Kighenda & daughter Amanda can now give their loved ones a befitting send-off, the tragedy shouldn’t have happened, someone needs to take responsibility,” tweeted Raila Junior.

Furthermore, the scion went ahead to question whether compensation to the deceased family is forthcoming.

“Just to add The tragedy shouldn’t have happened someone needs to take responsibility.

File: Mariam Kaghenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu. The two lost their lives in Likoni Tragedy.

Are the families of Kighenda and her daughter Amanda going to receive any meaningful compensation and assistance?” he questioned.

The bodies of the late Mariam Kaghenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu were retrieved from the ocean after a nearly two-week operation that was led by a multi-agency team.

The two were inside their vehicle when it plunged into the ocean on Sunday, September 29.


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