I Secretly Access Private CCTV Footages to masturbate- Man confesses

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Installing CCTV cameras gives us a sense of security. You should, however, beware that someone is always watching every move and this could be equally dangerous.

It is common for people to have the cameras installed in the entrance points and compound for safety reasons. However, extremely insecure people would install the cameras in the house.

For those with CCTV cameras in their bedrooms, privacy is limited and you should ask yourself what happens if those bedroom footages are leaked.

Here is a confession of a man who has been accessing CCTV footage to quench his sexual desires

I am a closed-circuit television commonly known as a cctv expert.  I am married but I have a problem that has followed me ever since I started my career almost a decade ago.

I have installed cctv cameras in many places like supermarkets and malls but those places don’t interest me much like hotels and homesteads. With this new technology comes new and better cameras that have limitless capabilities and power and that’s where my confession comes in.

As a seasoned masturbator, I don’t do it with regular porn, I am over that stage. I do it with video clips I have collected over a long period of time on hotels and surprisingly people’s homes.  I won’t elaborate much on how the videos come to my possession but they do.

Some people are so insecure that they install CCTV in their bedrooms so by now I know you get the picture. It’s wrong, very wrong I could land in jail for that but I can’t stop it.

What really turns me on is seeing other people having sex and not faking it like in porn. I am not planning to do anything harmful with these videos I even delete them once I’ve watched one for a long time but this addiction doesn’t seem to stop.

It reached a point that i must watch a few clips before I make love to my own wife. I should also confess that am now open to the idea of watching my wife getting laid while I am filming it, it’s just a thought though I am not sure she would agree to it.

Life is so fucked up how I gradually turned into this is something beyond my understanding but I can’t stop it no matter how much I try. Keep me anonymous, I can easily though deservedly land in jail for this or worse, the company I work for could lose credibility in the market


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