Khaligraph Defends Tallia Oyando Against Online Attack

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Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones has publicly defended  Citizen TV host Tallia Oyando after a fan attacked her online.

Tallia had shared a flashback video of the time when Jamaican Singer  Tarrus Riley invited her to his hometown St Thomas where she good to interact with school children.

While introducing herself, Talia said that she was from Nairobi, Kenya-Africa. This did not settle with her fan who claimed that she embarrassed Kenyans with such an introduction.

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Although this was such a petty comment, the media personality fired back by giving a savage response.

Kenyans seem to be angered by how some foreigners cannot differentiate between the African continent and the countries in it.

Tallia’s case seems to be pretty close to this annoying foreigner behavior and this could be the reason why her fan snapped.

Even though Tallia defended herself, Khaligraph also jumped in and got involved in a nasty exchange with Talia’s fan.

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Have a look at the conversation

oneitonoshanNairobi Kenya was just enough,,,😢😢iyo kuongeza which is in Africa ulichoma wallahi ,,,

talliaoyando@oneitonoshan si wewe ukaintroduce pia ukifika Jamaica waambie Nairobi Kenya MINUS Africa ndio usichome alafu post tutalike na tutakuwa proud of you.

oneitonoshan@talliaoyando nimekasirika sasa,,kesho naland Kingston majioni I’ll tag you😁😁,,, anyway elewa tu ma’am tuko kwa ground 😏

khaligraph_jonesVerified@talliaoyando uyu ni fala tu

oneitonoshan@khaligraph_jones should I really care about that,,,ma feelings achia madem ,,bt ni poa man,endelea kuconsole tallia coz naona alijam yake yote juu ya comment tu..😂😂😂🤔

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