Oguna Slammed Over His Remarks on Swedish Diver

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Government Spokesperson, Cyrus Oguna, has come been slammed by a section of social media users after mocking Swedish diver, Volker Bassen, for failing to retrieve the bodies of Mariam Kighenda and her daughter, Amanda Mutheu, despite claiming he could do so in two hours’ time.

Through Twitter and Facebook accounts, the users told off Oguna while accusing the government of deliberately ‘frustrating’ the diver who had volunteered to search for the ill-fated vehicle.

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According to most of them, the government just wanted to take credit for the recovery hence had to keep the diver off.

“Congratulations Volker Bassen, he did a great job that Kenya Navy is forcefully and tactfully taking credit for… The guy was strictly instructed to work under instructions from the Kenya Navy. So he did the spotting and handed all the info to Kenya Navy. My ignorant opinion though…” posted one user on Facebook.

Even though Oguna did not mention Bassen by name, his remarks left no iota of doubt to whom he was referring to.

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“There are some people who claimed they could retrieve the bodies from the sea in two hours’ time, but they failed spectacularly, and took off. You know them,” Oguna said while addressing journalists at the Likoni Ferry channel on Wednesday afternoon.

The government had allowed the diver to join the search mission a week ago amid pressure by social media users who were criticising State agencies, including the Kenya Navy, for perceived incompetence.

It is, however, Oguna’s remarks that evoked the anger of many Kenyans who claimed the Swedish diver had instead directed the Navy officers on probable spots to look for the submerged vehicle. Here are the reactions;

Edwin Rotich We know the diver found the car,but you wanted all the fame so that on 20th you praise the navy for the good work

Miyawah Sam Jnr That was so uncalled for…and seriously Bellow the belt. The Swedish offered his services for free at a time the country was desperate to find answers. Is that how we pay people who offer to help??????

Fredrick Wamalwa Oguna is uncultured.it’s only a person who lacks morals that can mock a person that undertakes a tedious task,to help a grieving family,for free. even those divers who were paid experienced the same challenges that the Swedish diver experienced.when a person makes a humanly attempt,you congratulate them and thank them.anyway,for how long was Oguna under the sea?

Balewa Hashim That vehicle was retrieved by South Africa divers, and bodies taken to the morgue, and even family was told to. Prepare for the burial
KDF are preparing for PR execricse to cleanse themselves from their spectacular failure

Lina Mwende Congratulations Volker bassen you really did a good job take my credit for well done job

Frank Babake Liam Am sure these was well planned to suit a story to tell on Mashujaa day & praise some people for nothing

Jack Owiti This is unfair, the gentleman risked his life to try and help retrieve the bodies when everyone was still dumbfounded. The govt spokesperson must have some courtesy to appreciate ppl’s efforts during such crises.

Joan Jessica The media should not give such utterances the limelight.They failed and can’t appreciate a volunteer.





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