If I Die Blame Guyo, Elachi Cries Out

Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi

Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi has spoken out moments after violence rocked her office on Wednesday morning, hours after resuming duty.

Elachi has blamed her unending woes on the Assembly’s Majority Leader Abdi Guyo.

Recounting this morning’s chaos, Elachi revealed how Guyo stormed her office with a group of unruly MCAs who wanted to beat her up.

“Because they wanted to beat me, they threw teargas to confuse us,” Elachi reminisced.

According to Elachi, Guyo had earlier held a meeting where he incited his colleagues to throw her out by midday.

“If I die today, my family must take the majority leader as responsible,” the Speaker who was impeached by Nairobi MCAs 13 months ago asserted.

She has vowed to stay put until an agreement on her leadership situation is reached. “I am here as a team leader. A team leader dies with the team. You do not run away from the war,” she stated.

Elachi accused Guyo of being abusive and using other people to wage his war against her, further accusing him of causing damage to items inside her office during the morning chaos.

She also revealed that she had anticipated the chaos and had communicated with Jubilee Party Secretary-General Raphael Tuju over the same, but Tuju had taken no action.

She further called out the Assembly’s Sargent at Arms for being too lax and allowing improper conduct amongst members.

Elachi returned to her office this morning escorted by ODM leaders.

She was impeached in September 2018 over gross misconduct. The court, however, reinstated her last month.

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