I Slept With My Brother When Drunk-Sister Confession

According to our culture in Kenya, incest is a tabooHaving a sexual relationship with a close member of the family is against the law and yeah so gross!!!!, but some people find themselves falling into them anyway.

When it happens, Kenyans mostly blame it on alcohol and being drunk.

I slept with my blood brother while we were drunk and I had to make him leave for shagz for good since we have been living together for a couple of years but when that shit went down I told him to leave for Shagz.

I am 34 yrs and he is 21 yrs. I feel so guilty and depressed coz I have never thought of such a thing. I am so depressed and I need your advice, how can I make things right?

I have never had any feelings on my blood brother but it happened we woke up naked in the same bed and I sleeping with him and the flashes of how it went down are still in my mind.

Advise me, please

Why should mechanisms for avoiding incest be so widespread both across human societies? The answer is simple. Kenyans, just don’t!


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