I’ve Slept With 42 Men, Number 50 Will Be My Husband – Kenyan Lady Confesses

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We all have done things in this life of sin that we would not say out loud. Some willingly and others were just moments of fun.

In a recent post, a lady confessed how she has slept with 42 men and she is hoping to stop at 50 when she will have met her husband.

First of all, sleeping with all those men is not something to take lightly. Could it be a result of low self-esteem that she preferred letting all those men into her life?

Maybe she was just having fun and lost count? You see most Millenials have indulged in a lot of indecent habits; those habits become part of them as they grow up and they never change afterwards.

In my opinion, the woman doesn’t seem to be in any relationship and sees it’s okay to spice up her love life. There are a lot of reasons some women choose to be single, ranging from personal to circumstances- motivated.

With this in mind, a recent survey revealed women aged 20 to 59, have an average of four sex partners during their lifetime; men have an average of seven.

Do you think sleeping with 42 men is okay? Would you be comfortable if your lady confessed to sleeping with all those men?

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