Kamami Actor’s Wife Speaks On State Of Their Marriage Following Cheating Allegations

Milly Chebby and Terrence Creative’s relationship hit a rough patch recently following damning revelations of the ‘Kamami’ actor cheating.

The claims were given life by Milly’s tell-tale posts on Instagram that betrayed the feelings she kept so well hidden.

“God, I need strength for two, mine and Mila (their daughter) before I lose it. Your apology needs to be as loud as your disrespect was,” read one of her posts.

Seemingly hurt, Chebby also shared a photo that she had taken with Terrence during their courtship days reminiscing of the good old days. She accompanied the photo with a crying emoji.

These fitful posts indicated that things were not rosy and some curious fans sought to find out what was ailing the couple.

Milly, however, denied that they had hit a rocky patch by stating, “We are fine. Imagine ignore the rumours. If you did not hear it from us then it’s a rumour, keep loving us.”

In a recent Instagram live video, Milly opened up about the way forward and said that they are not breaking up.

“Hatuwachani, not today, not tomorrow or the day after,” said a seemingly irritated Milly.

Terrence also chimed I with, “ Tunaachana yeye anaenda salon mimi naenda kwa ofisi.”

Milly then went on to add that one has to have thick skin on social media and not be bothered by people’s pedestrian comments. “Its called social media lazima ukuwe na thick skin usipokuwa na thick skin, you lose it.”

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