Why Sexually Transmitted Jobs is a Bad Idea for Your Career

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There is a new species in town; slayqueens and kings who are lazy to work hard and can do anything in order to find themselves on top.

Some even go to the extent of buying jobs by seducing and sleeping around with CEO and managers.

You may have been hired after selling your whole being to your boss but you may find your competence in question.

Opportunities that come your way, successes you achieve and goals you meet all are results of your special relationship with the boss and not your own hard work.

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I personally think dating or sleeping with your boss isn’t a wise idea. Some bosses might take advantage of naive workers who have thirst for promotions.

Many bosses who sleep with their employees don’t do it just once. They’re serial seducers who sleep around with any naive and desperate employee.

You may think that you are special and untouchable by sleeping with your boss, but when the relationship goes sour you will be fired like yesterday.

Sexually transmitted success will jeopardize your career and all the hard work and efforts put will just go to waste.

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