Kate Actress Emotionally Defends Consolata Child

Kate Actress

Popular TV Actress Cate Kamau popularly known to her fans as ‘Celina’ has come guns blazing in support of the Consolata Primary School pupil who had streamed a viral vulgar video in which he is seen throwing insults.

In the video shared on Twitter, the young boy is heard abusing a lady who had allegedly called the Consolata boy gay.

The school has been under pressure from parents demanding the immediate suspension of the boy for using insults and bullying his school.

That boy has since posted a video apologizing to his schoolmates, the school and the public.


“The boy desperately needs guidance and counselling. Punishment is not the right remedy at this juncture in his young life,” Kate-actress stated.

Peer pressure and the environment is to blame for the boy’s outburst. According to Kate, parents only have some few minutes with their children during the day and perceive them as angels. This is because when he is in the presence of the parents, he will not use such foul language, but when he goes outside he uses it. He should also not be judged.

“Before we judge and condemn his parents, remember how much we hid from our parents growing up, we were angels to them,” Kate opined.

For the better part of Sunday evening and Monday morning, Kenyans were all over social media giving their two cents’ on the video including Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and Activist Boniface Mwangi.“This boy needs a lot of help….. He’s struggling. More than meets the eyes. Young man your apology is accepted next time when apologizing don’t use the word “BUT”,” wrote Sonko on his Facebook account.


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