Why Cohen’s Postmortem Results Won’t be Released

Tob Cohen. Police found his missing body inside a manhole in his compound at Kitisuru, Spring Valley Road in Nairobi [Photo, Courtesy]
Postmortem of the murdered Dutch businessman Tob Cohen was on Wednesday concluded by three pathologists after being postponed two times.

Sources, claimed that the findings would not be released due to the court order in effect.

The process had been conducted in the presence of the wife to the tycoon, Sarah Wairimu, after she had been granted permission by the court to be included during the procedure.

Sarah’s Lawyer Murgor revealed that his client and the family of Cohen are set to have a mutual agreement over a decent burial for Cohen.

Philip Murgor and Sarah Wairumu during a past court hearing

The move comes after Sarah had earlier written to Chiromo Mortuary not to release the body.

It was reported that she was not happy with the fact that the body was to be handed over to Cohen’s sister Gabrielle Cohen for burial.

The postmortem had initially been postponed for two days for various reasons between the parties involved.

On Monday, the high court barred the DCI and media from commenting on the murder of the billionaire.

The second highest court in the country had stated that publishing details of the case could complicate it.

Kenya High Court

The tycoon’s body had been found in a sealed septic tank in his compound in Kitisuru on Friday last week after being reported missing for more than two months.

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