From Kevo to Johnte: 5 Different Types of Exes

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We all do remember our exes for a thing or two and if the relationship never ended so well we might as well forget about them.

Here are the different types of exes we have had at some point in life.

1.The gossiper

He will always talk about you behind your back. In most cases, he will speak nasty things about you.

Muchene master! For the gossiper, things that you kept as a secret during the relationship will end up being known by the public.

To his friends, he will always want to prove that he was always the right one. The gossiper is a guru in tainting people’s images.

2.The nagging

He will always call you or leave you a message. To the very extreme end he will even ask you out.

An ex with a nagging behavior will always behave as if he still has the freedom to interact with you as he used to.

Before you know it, he will not even be ashamed to make sexual advances.

3.The stalker

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Huyu ni fisi tu! He will always be checking you out on your social media platforms. Cutting communication with this one does not scare or stop him.

If you dare block him, he will still contact you with a new number. On social media, he is likely to follow you with dummy accounts so that you never notice that he is watching you.

4.The insecure

He always thinks that you will find someone better than him and won’t shy from admitting it.

He is also paranoid that you will tell the whole world about his flaws.

  1. Mr Want you Back

This one will always want you back and will give you all the reasons why you should be together again.

Mostly this ex has a lot of guilt to deal with and feels that they can do better if you give them another chance.


Which of the above is the worst to have as an ex?



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