‘Mt Kenya region Has not appointed a new Spokesperson’ – Central MP

Kandara member of parliament Alice Wahome. Photo/File

Kandara member of parliament Alice Wahome has taken a swipe at a section of leaders from Mt. Kenya region whom she accused of talking on behalf of the community.

In what was seen as an indirect reference to the members of Kieleweke team lead by Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu and Kirinyaga Governor Anne Mumbi Waiganjo (Waiguru), Wahome through her Facebook page wondered whether Mt. Kenya region had appointed a new spokesperson behind her knowledge.

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Waking up to headlines that The Mt. Kenya region has decided this and that every day, decisions that most of us are completely unaware of and were not involved in any way.

When did the Mt. Kenya region ‘appoint’ a new spokesperson? I didn’t get the memo, did you? Posted Wahome.

Wahome is allied to Deputy President William Ruto’s Inua Mama group which has been transversing the country empowering women and youth as well as laying good strategies for Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid.

Her comments came just some few weeks after Kirinyaga county governor Anne Mumbi announced that Mt Kenya region was more than ready to embrace Raila Odinga’s candidature in 2022.

BBI does not look into Wanjiku’s interests but those of individuals. Tunapunguza mzigo ama tukae hivyo lakini Wanjiku asizidi kuumizwa.

Posted by Hon. Alice Muthoni Wahome on Monday, 12 August 2019

Waiguru’s comments immediately attracted a lot of criticisms with a section of leaders from the region telling off the vocal governor saying she was not the region’s spokesperson.

Wahome becomes the latest member from the region to criticize those allegedly speaking on behalf of the community. Her post was praised by many while criticizing Anne Waiguru for ‘appointing’ herself as the spokesperson.

Winnie Maina Looks like our dear loved and treasured mountain (Mt.Kenya) has now started talking 🙉

Washington Wachira Waiganjo tame your wife, she is going everywhere in mt Kenya shouting that she is the boss. When will she cook,serve and take care of your conjugal responsibility.

Kamau Reuben She has appointed herself as the Mt. Kenya spokesperson before proceeding on maternity leave…..

Mwariri Hassan If she can’t fix Kerugoya Hospital she has no business fixing our leadership gaps ashindwe

Piuson Murithi No one is appointed to speak on my behalf as a mount kenya voter I got brains

Vincent Masheti The problem with you mama is that you fear. If you have the energy to post this statement why just use it to mention the name of the said spokesperson.. Atleast we know him or her

Nessy Njoroge Dear Anne Waiguru kindly STOP your hallucinations. You are not a member of Nyeri County Assembly and you were not present at the Nyeri County Assembly chambers.
We were welcomed by the speaker and we took the MCAs through the presentations of #PunguzaMizigoBill2019 so that they can make an independent choice when the debating if the Bill comes in place .That is when it shall be tabled.
Your assertion that the Bill was rejected is wrong, immature and a LIE concotated with propaganda.
The #PunguzaMizigoBill2019 will be tabled in the Assembly and it shall be debated by the MCAs who shall either pass or reject it based on its merits of demerits. That stage has not come yet.
Finally madam ,kindly take time and read the Bill stop behaving like an irresponsible blogger acting on heresy. You actually violates the provisions of chapter 6.This is terrible of you and a disgrace to the women of Kenya .
I know you are EMBRACing a charade of Dynasties laced with selfishness of an individual who eyes an expanded executive (ONGEZA Mizigo) to get a job .Shame on you .

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