East Africa’s Got Talent Contestants who Marveled Judges

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PHOTO COURTESY East Africa’s Got Talent

East Africa’s Got Talent premiere show kicked off on 8th August 2018 with most contestants getting a go-ahead from Judges to proceed to the next stage.

The first episode of the epic show was aired simultaneously on Sunday in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda. While all contestants who performed at the first episode tried their best to showcase their talent, there were three contestants who left the audience and Judges tounges wagging with their outstanding performance.

PHOTO COURTESY East Africa’s Got Talent Judge- Jeff, Venessa, Makeda and Gaetano

Those three bagged 4 nods from all judges-Kenyan TV host Jeff Koinange, former Big Brother Africa 2003 contestant, Gaetano Kagwa, Tanzania songstress Vanessa Mdee, and Rwanda’s  Makeda Mahadeo, getting the clear go-ahead to perform in the next episode. These are

All Eyes Crew

The show kicked off with ‘All Eyes group ’ from Uganda, who bagged 4 Yes’ after their impressive dance performance which at some point left Judges holding their breath in awe.

Fidele Fle

Fidele, 32 was the first Contestan from Rwanda who mesmerized judges with his skills in playing the guitar and a soothing voice which swept judges off the feet as they tried to sing along with him, as he performed a love song. Fidele’s performance was described as incredible by judges.

Leyna Kagere 


The 7-year-old carried the day as she was the first to get a Golden buzzer. Her performance was stunning such that Judges were left in a fix before Venesa Mdee was seen convincing them to hit the golden buzzer.

PHOTO COURTESY Leyna Kagere gracing the  Gold Buzzer

Her voice and confidence was amazing as she performed one day at a time by Meriam Bellina

While these were best performers,  there are those who did not impress the judges with their performance. One Kenyan-  Daniel Ochieng skilled in professional mourning, unfortunately, got 4 no’s from all judges missing a chance to perform in the next episode.


Here is the full video of EastAfrica’s Got Talent Episode 1

East Africa’s got Talent  Episode 1 caused evoked mixed reaction on social media as people left their comments of the performance by various contestants.

The show was simply 👌🏽👌🏽. Performance of the 7 years young Ugandan girl blew me away. Nice start👏🏽👏🏽
Can’t believe we gat such good talent.. am so proud to be East African😍😍😍.. our very own showing talent😉lets roll
Incredible Show of our own.Eureka! However, I think the gig needs an Ian Mbugua for the thrill.
Now I will not watch American got talent enymore, am so proud of East Africa’s got talent wow watching from 🇩🇪

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