Umevaa Magazeti! DK Kwenye Beat Dress Code Criticized


Social media bullies won’t stop haunting gospel musician DK Kwenye Beat. Seven months ago, DK and his friend Hopekid, were exposed in an ugly sex scandal where DK was accused of infecting a 20-year-old lady with herpes.

Since then, he has been trolled and bullied online on everything he shares on social media. Netizens have nicknamed him herpy.

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He traveled to Tanzania for what is believed to be a vacation. As usual, people share photos while in vacations and DK was not an exception. He shared his photos to the public to drop a hint to the public that he was out of town.

PHOTO COURTESY DK Kwenye Beat in Tanzania

However, Netizens would not let him enjoy his vacation in peace. They flooded his comment section, with all manner of weird trolls. Some calling him a pregnant woman, others saying that he is wearing clothes made from newspapers while others used her sex scandal to intimidate him.


Lornah Leilah;  I thought Tanasha was the only Kenyan pregnant… Kumbe kuna mwenzake ..when is she due?

Crispus Alex;  Let me not. For the sake of my love for Kenya. I know there are Ugandans and Tanzanians here, let’s just act normal, we shall discus this behind the tent 🥵

Torrey Vega;😂😂😂😂 why is a pregnant woman in some tight shorts made out of newspapers?😳😳 some women!!😤😤

Hope;Anakaa tu kinyama kimefungwa na hio gazeti amevaa.

Sheik Bilal;  Hizo nyonyo ndio willy paul halikua ywataka ku nyonya
Polly Nkirote;  He looks like a pile of newspaper…😑
Mutonyi Richards Isabella; Alipona ile ugonjwa alipea msichana ?
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Jonah Jo Ryhmes;Is he okay, people you may think all is well like fashion trend buh it could go sour as well let’s do the mental check ups sometimes otherwise I have a question do men get pregnant?
Kim Rodgers Na alipona kisonono kwanza before niongelelee hiyo tummy imejaa kinyesi😂😂
Lornah Leilah I thought Tanasha was the only Kenyan pregnant… Kumbe kuna mwenzake ..when is she due?
Georginer Masa Herpes iliisha ama saa hii anatarget Tanzania?
Kirsten Tygress And finally he went on a vacation this shows that he is still herpy with his life

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