Ditch the church crowd! Muthoni Drummer Queen tells Willy Paul

Popular hitmaker cum business guru Muthoni the Drama Queen aka MDQ publicly supported Willy Paul’s new music in a thread on social media that has since gone viral.

The songstress not only encouraged Willy Paul to continue breaking the rules and shaking up the industry, but she also condemned the acts of ‘fake’ Christian musicians who only get into the gospel industry in Kenya since it is what sells.

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Lately, we have seen so many secular artists convert to Christianity including Size 8, Wahu, Amani and Collo from Kleptomaniax just to name a few. Scandals in the gospel industry have followed one after another and this further proves her point. From DK allegedly raping a girl and transmitting herpes to Mr. Seed allegedly cheating on his young wife on their marital bed.

Here is Muthoni’s rant in detail:

Her rant has elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans with some in support of her while others are completely opposed to her ideas. Check out the reactions below:


As much as i hate to say anything abt religion/ gospel i admit there is something very fishy going on chini ya ocean about the gospel industry in kenya to be exact and the so called holier than thous judging pple like willypozee bt we meet them huko mtaani and see ( this untouchable gospeligious😕pple ) and see wat they do behind the curtains. Why the hypcracy??. With that said be yourself willy pozee everyone will be judged for their own sins. I hav mine to take care of so am out!!!!


Willy ungana tu ochungulo family akin ethic 😂 but ju anataka kutrend haezi acha gospel music hapo ndo pesa ziko hamuoni hivo😂


Facts, Kenyans love him they just hate it when he fakes it. Im pretty sure if he concentrates on himself and music he will still be as succesful cause he is talented.


Kelele za chura haziwezi kumzuia ng’ombe kunywa maji😂😂😂😂

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