Having few friends good for personal growth: When should you consider isolation?

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Friendship is great, and making friends is not a bad thing because at some point in time they will be there for you or vice versa.

However, in making friends, it’s important to make the right ones, and people that would add proper value to your life, and not ruin it. The purpose of friendship is to be with people who would encourage and lift you to heights you should be at. When you make the wrong ones, it can rub off the wrong way. While keeping friends, it’s also good to create time for yourself.

Would you consider going on isolation for a certain period in your life? Some Netizens feel that at some point in life one should consider isolation as a way of lifestyle.

Not everyone fancies solitude and were quick to give their views:

Everyone feels lonely from time to time and one may be convinced to go on Isolation which in turn might not be such a good idea.

Or maybe for some people going on isolation is helpful, what do you think?

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