“Come for more Signatures” Kenyans Tell Aukot Over Petition to Stop Initiative

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Kenyans supporting Ekuru Aukot’s Punguza Mizigo Initiative. Photo/File

In 2018, Third Way Alliance party leader Ekuru Aukot promised to collect over one million signatures from registered Kenyan voters in a bid to push for a referendum under the Punguza Mizigo Initiative.

A year later, what started as a ‘referendum joke’ to many political leaders in the country is now proving a hard nut to crack after the initiative successfully passed the IEBC huddle now heading to the counties for final approval before it calls for a referendum vote.

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And in a move to stop the initiative from being debated upon and getting approvals in the 47 county assemblies, a Lobby group has moved to court to stop further initiations citing lack of quorum in IEBC to verify signatures presented by Ekuru Aukot.

In the petition, Mr. Ngari argues that the Bill was procured through deceit and illegalities since the signatures are not genuine.

With the lobby group hitting the headlines, Kenyans are all up in arms against the notion of stopping the initiating promising to support Aukot’s initiative to the last person. Many through their social media sites promised to avail their signatures in large numbers if in any case, the court will grant the lobby group their wish.

Here are some angry reactions from a section of online users;

Geoffrey Siongok Junior I did not give my signature,please tell ekuru to bring it we sign to 10million

Joni Mkenya We want Aukot to come for more signatures…I will help him collect for free
Desports don’t want progressive agendas, they will stop anything to bennefit themselves

Amoke David This punguza mzigo thing is indeed a threat to the political class. They’ll put all manner of haddles along the way including seeking to injunct it through the courts…oh my God.

Serem Ben Kip These are enemies of the people.. Then we vote for them thinking they’ll serve us… It’s clear nobody bothers about common man it’s their interest first and nothing else

Wanderi Kamau Sponsored by …… J love this game . Leaders vs Wanjiku . Who’ll win ? The Kenyan Wanjiku have mighty powers to win this game , but gives in so easily like buffaloes do against one lion .

Replying to Cowards who did not think Kenyans would really apend any signature to the punguza mzigo petition are now more worried tht MCAs will endorse it. Tht making it a real deal. Kenyans are tired and this punguza mzingo is what we had been waiting for.




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