VIDEO: Raila Humiliated in Elgeyo Marakwet County

Photo: AU Representative Raila Odinga/courtesy

Raila Odinga has never been humiliated to this extent. A person who was once considered as a friend of the people, the one moving masses is now facing a backlash after his referendum push failed miserably.

Baba over the weekend ‘invaded’ Elgeyo Marakwet County with the sole purpose of selling his idea of a favourable referendum for the country endorsing the Building Bridges Initiative over Punguza Mzigo sponsored by Thirdway Alliance led by Dr Ekuru Aukot.

But what really surprised him, only 3 people raised their hands in support of his bid out of the hundreds of people who turned up in his political rally.

This has excited netizens especially those who are fade up with Raila’s ideology.

The enigma of Kenyan politics has actually become a laughing stock on twitter for only managing to appeal to two people. That is really bad.

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This is just a clear prove that it is hard being Raila. One needs superhuman efforts to appease to everyone. If you decide to go the streets some Kenyans will hate you,join government another one will hate you.

However, maybe the citizens are just telling him that his political supremacy is no more. He should pack his Paraphernalia and go home.









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