TBT: When Sonko wowed the crowds with ‘cool kid’ break dance moves

Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko is just a funny man. Walking down the memory lane,we recall his 2017 gubernatorial campaigns.

The campaigns were filled with a lot of hype especially after he picked the renown businessman Polycap Igathe as his running mate. They were viewed as a ‘dream come true’ to the people of Nairobi.

Both Sonko and Igathe made vows making Nairobians to believe that their relationship will last forever only to break their hearts.

However if their is one thing that still rings in people’s minds, is when Sonko and Igathe wowed the crowds after showcasing their break dancing prowess.

This dance has elicited some reactions from most Kenyans on social media. Sonko has been referred as a “mshamba” who was trying to be cool.


Mike Sonko resolved to run Nairobi city alone despite intense pressure compelling him to appoint a Deputy. He has successfully absorbed the pressure.

That aside,Sonko has made headlines following his ‘humble prayer’ session with a bottle of whiskey on the table.

The governor went live on his Facebook page from his office where he was seen with a number of other people, all kneeling and hands raised.

Gospel music can be heard in the background. He captioned the video: “Praying for the division of revenue bill.”

However, on the table, a box of a Johnie Walker Black Label is carefully placed next to several bottles of soft drinks.

His prayers might have reached the heavens as The Division of Revenue Bill was officially passed just hours later. This is exactly what some of his followers are insinuating on social media.



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