Bedroom underwear tips that every woman must try

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I am a sucker for a good set of underwear. It’s the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off. Maybe. We’ll talk about that later. I found out people took off their panties as a seduction technique and I was seriously baffled because I actually put some on, and here are four panties you too can try on for size

1.Matching set

Matching pair of underwear is super cute and sexy and if you don’t agree with us, what is that at the back of your underwear drawer? You turn up in one of your favorite lace numbers, something else is bound to turn up too, in your direction!

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2. Edible panties

This is such a fun idea if you know how to have a good laugh while getting kinky as well. I just don’t see how eating underwear can be THAT sexy but oh well.

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3. Crotchless panties

I remember my first pair like it was yesterday.

These are incredibly naughty and sexy so you can’t just wear them out for a coffee date unless of course, you want to! What I love most about these is how deceptively innocent they are at first glance. What a wicked surprise for your man when he goes honey hunting.

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4. Commando

Don’t argue with us! Pow cheeky pow wow! Oh yeah! Is there anything else that says you are ready for some illicit, quite possibly illegal fun, other than showing up on your beau’s doorstep, naked as a jaybird underneath all your proper clothes. I think NOT.

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Tell us in the comments, what your favorite way of having panties on or off really is… (wink, wink)

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