Best bedroom positions for ‘Getting Some’ with a disabled person

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Sex is for everybody — as long as the person you are being intimate with is a consenting adult. People with disabilities account for 20 percent of the population but aren’t represented nearly as much as they should be when it comes to advertising, media and even pornography.

Here are five poses recommended for couples looking to spice things up in the bedroom — or any room, really.

1. Laying Down Side Straddle

When it comes to oral sex, it is better having the person with a disability lie on their side and have their partner stimulate them orally from behind. This position is great for people with spastic hips.


2. Modified Doggy-Style

Doggy-style is a fun position for couples looking to switch things up. If you need to sit and can’t be the one doing the thrusting, ask your partner to back themselves on to you, moving back and forth.

Ask questions, respectful questions, and listen to your partner. Also, you might want to feel your partner’s body before you get into the sexy time so you have a better understanding of how your partner’s body works.

3. 69

Another oral sex position is 69, where one partner lays on his back and the other partner backs himself up on top.


4. Modified Missionary

This modified missionary position is a great option if one person is able-bodied. Have the able-bodied partner stand at the bedside while the disabled partner lays at the edge of the bed. Add some pillows to the mix to help position yourself comfortably.

If it’s your first time with a new partner and a position requires you to move out of your wheelchair before you get into “sexy mode,” walk your partner through the transfer. Alternatively, you can ask your aide to show them how to do the transfer.


5. Giving Oral Sex From Your Wheelchair

If you want to give oral sex from your wheelchair, ask your partner to lie on the edge of the bed and place the lower half of their body on your lap.

If you aren’t a fan of oral sex or want to explore your sexuality on your own, looking into toys can prove to be a good idea.

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