Rayvanny’s Wife Trolled For Stepping Out Half Naked

After she bagged the nomination for the Best Dressed award about a week ago, Rayvanny’s wife-Fahyma has been stepping out almost naked something that has angered fans.

The awards will be taking place on 26th October in South Africa.  However, she has changed her dressing mode and has been sharing photos of herself in scanty clothes.


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Thanks a lot @starqtawards I’m so excited for this 🙏

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Many people have seen the Tanzanian beauty on her Instagram stunning amazing pieces of clothes. Given that she is a Video vixen, a model, and a fashion stylist, Rayvanny’s baby mama understands the art of dressing very well.

Many Tanzanians have always appreciated her online because she has been maintaining some level of decency. Rayvanny’s fans also have always praised her for being an exceptional celebrity.


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But wait! Fahyma is at the verge of losing all the dignity she acquired on social media since she has started sharing controversial pictures. Given that she is a mother and a wife to a respected artiste, Tanzanians have been disappointed by a number of posts she has shared on her Instagram page.


Fahyma took to social media and shared this picture which evoked a lot of trolls from fans bashing her for exposing her body too much.

Look at Fans Reactions;


Mke wa mtu huyo ila sijui Shanga anamuonyeshea nani mwingne wanaume tukichepuka mnalalamika🏃😂😂


@soudybrown._ mpuuzi kabsa


We n mke wa mtu kweli? Jaman poooh this is too much naked .😏 …..huwa nakupenda but unaboa sasa


Shanga ni za chumbani si za kuonesha dunia nzima…Kafunzwe Mama.


@shanvilla_mau sifa zimeanza kumwagikia usungo tu kutuonesha shanga Mfyuuuh


Ila wewe dada unakoelekea Sasa sio kabisa na izo shanga unamuonyesha Nani jamani si unamchumba wewe na unataka kuolew Sasa hayo Mambo ya shanga nje ndio nn tena badilika bas🤔🤔🤔🤔


Tafuta kazi ufanye siku yenye utaachwa utakufa idle bitch


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