Exposed: The sorry story of JKIA Security

Photo: The Jomo Kenyatta International Airport/courtesy

The details of how the man who fell from a plane over London managed to sneak his way into the Plane have been revealed.

The refresh probe into the matter has revealed that the outer perimeter wall of JKIA is lying on the ground,including concrete support posts, which is where the flight took off.

The collapsed section is barely 100 yards from the runway which could definitely allow the intruders to walk  to a thin wire mesh fence surrounding the tarmac of JKIA.

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Photo: Kenya Airways Plane taking off/ courtesy

The Second security barrier of JKIA is 7 ft tall but the irony of it is that it has the barbed wire coils on the ground instead of on top which is a clear ‘panya route’ for any intruder to get past it.

Moreover, the outer Perimeter wall does not have a CCTV Camera to back the security of the International premise.

With all the leeways that could allow any outside to make past the weak security walls, the Head of Kenya Civil Aviation Authority Gilbert Kibe, has maintained his stand on the status of security system being tight.

“With the way that security is tight, it is unlikely an outsider would have been able to make his way through to the airside where the plane is parked and get in.

“So I would suspect it was somebody who had access to the airside,” Kibe stated.

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Photo: Screening section at JKIA/ Courtesy

Despite The JKIA having the best security check point of all vehicles those who access the premise on foot stand out to be less monitored .

The intruder who fellfrom the plane’s landing gear compartment landed in Clapham, South West London.

Sources in Britain and Kenya have revealed that the identity of the ­stowaway might never be known.

His fingerprints have been sent to Kenya by UK police, however this is yet to yield any results.

The Investigative officers are also looking at the possibilities of the man to have boarded the plane from South Africa.

This is because the Kenya Airways flight took off from Johannesburg before reaching Nairobi and setting off for Heathrow last weekend.

The body fell a yard away from ­software engineer John Baldock, who was sunbathing in the garden.

A neighbour said he heard a “whomp”, looked out and saw the body and “blood all over the walls of the garden”.

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