Nandy Reacts after Fan Threatens to expose her on Social media


Every Celebrity has one, two three or more social media promoters who inform the public about events, achievements and other things about the celebrity.

Some of these social media promoters are individuals who are very close to celebrities and they know some deep secrets about them. the problem comes in when they threaten to expose the celebrity.

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One Tanzanian songstress Faustina Nandy Charles well known as Nandy has had a clash with one of her close fan social media promoter who has been sharing posts on all Nandy’s events, praising her for making it in life.

Before the beef Post

Taking to social media, the fan issued Nandy with 3 hours ultimatum to have a private chat with the fun. Nandy’s fan threated to expose her badly if she defied the orders. Take a look

Wewe mwanamke nakupa 3 hours Uje DM kabla sijachafua khali ya hewa !!!!!. Unakijua kichwa changu huwa sitabiliki !!!!! Nabadirikaga kama upepo wa bahari !!!!!Β Na nikiwaga na hasira lazima nilimwage lote ndo nitulie so Jiheshimu Nandy !!!!! Narudia jiheshimu !!!!! . Nitaachia mapicha picha hapa nirudi kuwa the most hated page Hapa Instagram !!!!! Muulize Misa !!!


When Nandy saw the post, she went ahead and blocked the fan without saying a word. The blocking evoked more anger from the fan who promised to do the worst. Take a look!

Hiki kitoto kinakiburi !!!!!! Kimenichukuliaje kwani πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” . . Nimekipa 3 Hrs kimenilamba block !!!!!! . . Kumamake Sasa ndo Umenitibua mavuzi !!!!!! Ngoja nikalivute nirudi !!!!! nitamwaga yote kwanzia Msiba !!!! Mshenzi sana Huyu mtoto na bichwa lake ka bata maji !!!

This is a lesson to all celebrities who have trusted social media managers. These people can damage a celebrity’s image in a snap of fingers.

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