How to use everyday makeup to hide your Fatigue

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When you have been usy doing millions of errand, there’s a likeliness to get drained. What’s worse is getting up with swollen eyes and prominent dark circles because of a bad night, and ending up looking very tired. But do not worry, because with some simple tips and some makeup tricks you can see yourself with a better look.

Below we will explain what steps you should follow to make your face look as if you had slept your eight hours in a row. Watch the following steps!

1. Skin

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The first step is to make sure to moisturize the dermis very well before you start to make up. Light formulas such as BB Cream are recommended

2. Correction

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It is essential to hide dark circles, because they make your eyes look off. The appropriate thing is to use one that suits your skin tone to hide the dark area.

3. Illuminate

When you notice the closed eye in front of the mirror it is important to put a touch of illuminator on the lacrimal to give light to your eyes.

4. Curly eyelashes

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A more open look makes you look awake. Fatigue always makes them look small. Therefore, the mask will be your great ally.

5. Lips

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In this case it is preferable to use cheerful colors. You can choose coral, orange and even red.

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