Talk less, do more: Turning your man on with the bare minimum effort


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Ladies, we all know to well how to tell when a man is turned on, because of the obviously bone-y situation they have going on. The thing is, sometimes we don’t know how to get them there. Most people would agree that telling your partner what you’d like seems to be the way to go especially when it comes to sex with your man.

What you might not know is that getting him there really doesn’t take much. Often than not, when you’re NOT telling him about what you want, is when it becomes more fun. Using body language to get him all hot and bothered will do the trick for you.

For the confident ones, they will straight up take off their clothing. But most of us aren’t that forward especially with matters to do with sex. We prefer to be more subtle… which to me makes it more interesting and mysterious in a way. Check out how you can turn him on without saying a single word.

1.Flirty glances

Give him smiles from across the room and “playing with eye contact” are great ways to turn someone on. Act like you guys are meeting for the first time and check him out all you want.

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2.Smouldering eye contact

What gets a man intense all lies in the eyes. Sustaining eye contact for a more intense feeling will definitely take it up a notch. You know the look. Tell them exactly what you want with your eyes and add a little lip bite for extra oomph.

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3.Lick your lips

Don’t lick your lips like you’re trying to get ice cream off of the tip of your nose, but a little tongue action can definitely be hot. Just remember: You’re trying to be suggestive, not fully demonstrate exactly what you propose to do. Tip: Make sure your lips are looking extra juicy with some lip balm or gloss before you do this, trust me.

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4. Get handsy

Most men loved to be touched. Especially when you go for their junk. But you don’t have to start there, you can just slowly build up the tension and intensity with a lil stroke here and there…if you’re both adventurous, there’s nothing wrong with taking your touching from flirty to downright dirty. Don’t be afraid to let your hands roam all over him.

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Give one a try the next time you’re trying to get someone as worked up as you are.

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