Moses Kuria Succeeds in Rallying Numerous Kenyans in Opposing Uhuru’s Budget

Photo: MP Moses Kuria

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has found hundreds of Kenyans rallying behind him in opposing the new Budget proposal which was read on Thursday in the National Assembly by CS Henry Rotich.

Kuria has been agitating for the reduction of seats in both the national assembly and the Senate to reduce the wage bill and raise money for free secondary education.

The MP’s ‘Punda amechoka, punguza mzigo’ initiative which been creating controversy for a while is finally making sense to Kenyans.

Speaking on Thursday, Kuria claimed that some of the policies in the budget will strain the citizens.

Photo: CS Henry Rotich

He went ahead to use an example of the boda boda risers who will under the new budget be forced to obtain third party insurance.

“Today its okay to say that you are taxing someone or you are putting a burden on someone as much as you want to. But there is something called ‘can’t pay, won’t pay’. Among our 1 million boda-boda riders, I think only 200,000 or 300,000 have the third party insurance and the rest cannot afford,” Moses Kuria told K24.

On Tuesday, Kuria had argued that it is senseless for the 49 Million Kenyans to carry the budget weight of the employed one million Kenyans who gain half of the budget.

“In a budget of Sh. 3 trillion, half of it goes to people who are employed by the government (recurrent expenditure) – salary, mandazi, travel and flowers. In a country of Sh50 million people, civil servants are not more than 1 million.

“We have to ask ourselves, for how long are 49 million people going to carry the burden of 1 million people?” Moses Kuria stated during an interview with on a local TV.

Taking into social media, a good number of Kenyans have gone forth to show their support for the legislator.

Here are some of the reactions;




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