5 Unpleasant habits your vajajay wishes you could stop

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Maybe men explore more than women, don’t you think? I don’t know about men, but women love to explore, with no limitation sometimes. Ladies, you have to understand that you sit on what is essentially a mini-throne, yes that’s true and it’s best you started treating your lady Miss V as one.

If you were asked having bad female hygiene would mean a lady who cleans less or never cleans at all. However, what comes to mind when you hear ‘unhygienic woman’? What part of ‘her’ body would you castigate first?

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Her face? Of course not. Her breasts, may be. Her armpits, highly likely. Her vagina, most likely. Below are 5 things you should avoid doing to your vagina:

Piercing it

While experts say genital piercings can be safe if done (and cared for) correctly, genital piercing itself is unregulated in many places and countries. If you must have the piercing done, what if you ensured that the place you’re at is using good hygiene and sterilization methods to reduce risk of infection and scarring.

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In addition, while piercings are occasionally used to increase sexual pleasure, they can cause irritation or even tears during sexual activity which would require you to stop your significant other and rush to go get checked. And that’s far from sexy.

Steaming it

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You’ll likely feel much more energized and balanced by opting for a relaxing full body massage instead. But it’s best to take caution while doing it. Having a steam cleanses your uterus, and through it,  an energetic release, not just a steam douche, and it balances female hormone levels. But if you got too close to the steam, you could end up with second degree burns down there.

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In addition, the steam itself can increase moisture in and around your other regions, making you more susceptible to the growth of yeast and unfriendly bacteria. Not to mention the fact that there’s no way for the steam to actually reach your uterus to supposedly cleanse it, and your vagina takes care of cleaning itself.

Sunbathing it

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Before you peel off your bikini bottoms, consider this: “Your vagina will get the exact same vitamin D benefits if you pop a vitamin D supplement, and you won’t expose your privates to an increased risk of skin cancers such as melanoma. Plus imagine a sunburn down there? Sunbathing only places your vagina at a great risk of catching more bacteria.

Inserting sticky edibles into it

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Putting sugar into your vagina to, sweeten the secretions down there, gynaecologists say that’s a no go. Why would you even think of placing an edible down there, even when you are not in your right mind. Would you want to insert anything edible into your vagina that you can’t easily remove? If it stays there, it can upset the balance of good bacteria and acids in your vagina, setting you up for infection.

Douching it

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Women are fond of doingthis and they have been told more than once. Douching: Don’t do it. For one thing, you don’t need to smell like a flower down there. For another, it’s just plain not healthy for your lady bits.

Douching upsets the natural balance of your vagina, which results to vaginal infections such as yeast and bacterial vaginosis, as well as the fertility-threatening condition pelvic inflammatory disease.

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