How Fatuma Gedi’s assault by Kassim might ignite clan war

Wajir Woman Rep Fatuma Gedi left bloodied after assault in Parliament
Photo: Hon Fatuma Gedi

Wajir Woman Representative Fatuma Gedi assault by the male counter-part Rashid Kassim,Wajir East MP, might drag the entire community of the north into their tribulations.

Both Hon Fatuma Gedi and Hon Kassim come from the Somali community which is guarded by strong values and beliefs.

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Photo; Hon Rashid Kassim accused of assaulting Fatuma Gedi

The assault might just be an ignition key to tribal war between the members of the community.

According to Somali traditions it is a taboo for an adult male to assault an adult female from the same community. In case that happens it is a straight declaration of war.

This argument and insight has been brought forth by the flamboyant city lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi :

“According to ESTABSHED norms and traditions of the SOMALI people in the HORN of AFRICA, when an Male adult from a given CLAN physically assault a female adult from another CLAN (as is the case of today’s incident involving the 2 MPs from WAJIR) that is a DECLARATION OF WAR, stated Ahmednasir.

This is not the ideal situation which the people would wish to find themselves into it.

Gedi was left with a bloody mouth after the morning incident in Parliament precincts in a reportedly unprovoked attack by Kassim.

Witnesses said Kassim accused Gedi – who sits in the Budget Committee – of failing to allocate money for his constituency.

However Hon Kassim was arrested during the day on reported assault case.

Women Legislatures today distracted the Budget Reading Process by CS Henry Rotich to demand Justice for Fatuma Gedi.



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