Hamisa Mobetto Speaks About Her Controversial Palatial House

A few weeks ago, a Tanzanian Video Vixen socialite and Fashion star Hamisa Mobetto was reportedly thrown out of her palatial house after failing to pay rent.

Sources close her claimed that Hamissa was going through financial crisis something that forced her to move out of her house as she could not afford the monthly rent.

The house was rented by her baby daddy, Diamond Platinumz for Hamisa and her child after a court case which compelled Diamond to pay child support. Diamond and Hamisa have a child together.

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Diamond, Hamisa and their Chil(Photo Courtesy)

However, Hamisa has never commented bout the house allegations until on Sunday when she was interviewed after she landed in Tanzania from Dubai where she was shooting video

Shockingly, Hamisa refuted claims that she was thrown out of the house. She said that she is not broke and she is doing quite good. she said that she has never lacked at any given point, its only people who love speculating about the house after every two months.

Hamisa Mobetto’sHouse(Photo Courtesy)

Sidaiwi Kodi ya Nyuma na sijawahi kudaiwa kodi ya nyumba. Habri za nyumba watu wanapenda kuziongelelea tuseme kila baada ya miezi miwili. Sijui kwa nini

Hamisa Revealed

Since the rumors were revolving around Her and Diamond, Hamisa said that she is okay with Diamond and they are co-parenting well. She added that they communicate well, but they are not in a relationship. she revealed that she is single and not ready to date anytime soon.


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Hamisa revealed that she is very busy and she cannot afford to accord sufficient attention to a man because the time she is left with after her busy schedule is meant for her family.

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