Everyday questions your lady has been dying to ask you

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Relationships are interesting in their own unique ways. One minute communication is what has been keeping you going, and the next minute, you are not sure if that communication would be enough. Ladies always have questions they wish to ask their men but might be afraid because of the possible answers.

I think this happens to men as well, sometimes. However, it is not a good idea to keep the questions to yourself because they can determine whether your relationship will last or not. Here are questions ladies are secretly dying to ask men;

What’s your phone password?

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Passwords are important, we have to agree, and men’s phones are off limits. But there are this times women are just curious and want to jut do a little’ navigation on your phone. There are also these times when trust issues pop up in your relationship, you shouldn’t be hesitant to ask for your partner’s phone password.

This might sound rude but if he has nothing to hide, he’ll always give it to you. Women, however, find it difficult to pose this question to their partners.

Have you ever committed a crime or been arrested?

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We never want to be in troubleThis might sound awkward to ask, but it is very crucial for your safety in the relationship. You wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with a serial killer or thief. It is important to know if your man has a criminal record or not.

Have any Pending debts?

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It is important to ask your partner if he has any unpaid debts. Getting in a relationship with a partner who has huge debts will lead to serious financial problems which can negatively affect your relationship.

Do you have a lot of female friends?

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It is wise to ask this question at the start of your relationship. This will help in setting things clear especially if trust becomes a problem in the relationship.

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