Ekuru Aukot Castigates Governor Sang Proposing criminal charges over him

The Nandi Governor Stephen Sang has been making headlines over the weekend for his controversial clips that went viral.

The First clip that clouded the entire Internet is the Young Governor Sang in a fiery confrontation with an unidentified man.

According to reports, Governor Sang engaged the man while addressing complains from his residents over a grabbed parcel of land.

But what has landed Governor Sang in the hands of the police is his second action of reclaiming a grabbed land in his county by uprooting of tea at Kibwari Tea Farm.

Sang defended  his actions stating that he did not invade the land unlawfully and vowed to claim it back for the community.

” Ile mali ya umma yote imenyakuliwa nitarudisha katika mikono ya mwananchi,” Sang said.

However Ekuru Aukot has further castigated the Governor for his actions. According to Dr Aukot what Governor Sang did is just unlawful.

The Thirdway Alliance Party leader has called for pressing of criminal charges over the Nandi Governor.

The 2017 Presidential aspirant described Sang’s character as economic sabotage which should not be stomached by the state.

“…its economic sabotage and Governor Sang of Nandi County must face criminal charges ASAP! Imagine if some fellows took over our country!” Ekuru Aukot claimed.

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen has however defended Governor Sang’s action. Hon Murkomen has since stated that Governor Sang was executing President Uhuru Kenyatta’s directive.

“I am told someone want to arrest Governor Sang for demolishing structure/fixtures situated/growing in public land. That was a directive of the President and no public officer in national or county level was/has been arrested including in the Taj Mall & SouthEnd Mall,” Stated Murkomen.

The Governor is currently being held at Kisumu police station.

He had earlier recorded a statement at the DCI offices in Kapsabet in relation to the uprooting of tea at Kibwari Tea Farm.

Sang was escorted to the station by three police vehicles.

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