Anita Nderu gives ladies bedroom tricks that can save their relationship

Media personality Anita Nderu has for the first time spoken up on the sensitive issues affecting a woman when it comes to bedroom matters.

The queen of the mic has adviced ladies the best intimate style that will favor them in the bedroom.

“Rumour has it doggy/doggie style does the trick too at least that’s what I’ve heard a lot of happy women say”

Her sentiments come after a study revealed that an average woman takes 13.5 minutes to orgasm.



“With an average age of 30 years old, a total of 645 straight women from 21 countries took part in the experiment, all married or in long-term relationships”.

“Women, instead of focusing on their own pleasure, try to satisfy their partners by showing the response they deem as right,” sex and relationship therapist, Dr. Meghan Snyder says.

β€œBut it’s important for women to know that their orgasms are not for their partners’ egos, they’re for our own pleasure.”

Many people in the relationship both women and men are facing problems when it comes to bedroom matters, most of them shy to speak about it making many relationships end prematurely and it’s yet something that can be rectified.

Apart from breakups, most people who have bedroom problems fall into depression while others get afraid of dating due to the earlier bad experience they faced.

Perhaps Anita Nderu’s sentiments will help many women to stop faking orgasm and save their relationship.


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