Uproar as Jeff Koinange Prematurely Ends Interview with Mike Sonko


‘See you next week!’ These were the last words Citizen TV Journalist Jeff Koinange said as he terminated what was shaping up to be the most smooking interview with Nairobi governor Mike Sonko. Jeff said that the show could not continue due to what he termed as editorial and quality control policies.

Sonko had come to the interview to address the war he is having with Nairobi Women Rep Esther Passaris. And defend himself is what he was going to do as he was armed with documents, WhatsApp messages and even Audio clips.

He accused Passaris of trying to draw double Per diems from the county government and the National Assembly as she performs duties related to her work which to him is corruption.

The governor revealed that he played a huge role in funding the campaign of Passaris but the Women Rep went ahead and extorted him Ksh 10 million when after his election had been challenged at the High Court.

“When I give Esther Passaris money, it’s not corruption money, when I give poor people money, it’s corruption money! She has swindled me more than 10 million shillings.”

Jeff Koinange had a very hard time controlling the governor, who insisted that he be allowed to answer the questions that he had been asked. Before the show was cut, Sonko had threatened to walk out citing lack of respect from Citizen TV.  But Jeff called for the first commercial break and that marked the end of the show.

NRM General Miguna Miguna accused Jeff Koinange of terminating the show because they (Citizen) could not ensnare Sonko.

During the show, Sonko had alleged that some senior State House Operatives were using Passaris to fight him. Some people believe this could have been the reason the show was terminated.

Before the show started, there were concerns from a section Kenyans who wanted Esther Passaris to be present for the sake of balance and to allow for objectivity to thrive.

Was it right for Jeff Koinange to terminate the show?

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