Money is everything! Diamonds Father Praised For Amazing Physical Change

Money is everything when it comes to transforming the lifestyle of an individual. If you dispute this then lest having a look at Diamond’s father Mzee Abdul Juma before and after he got some money from his music.

Diamond Platinumz father is now a musician who became famous after shooting his first song Umeniteka / Mkwewe. Since then he earned several titles such as Baba Diamond aka Big Lion aka Mzee Mondi aka Babu Tiffah.

Diamond is even getting interviews from Tanzanian local media houses. This is a major milestone. a true definition of From grass to grace.


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Najivunia kua baba mwenye watoto wenye vipaji🇹🇿

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The old man who was selling Mutumba shoes to make ends meet has undergone a major transformation and now people are praising him for living like a young person, yet he is old.

His mode of dressing also features that of a young person. Denim shirts and gold chains. Diamond must be regretting why he neglected his father.

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The number one Diamond’s hater Mange Kimambi took to social media and shared a photo featuring Mzee Abdul before music and fame and after, and captioned;

Pesa inaweza kukutoa uzeeni ukarudi ujanani

The photo drew hilarious reactions from netizens praising Diamond’s father for going through commendable physical change. Here they are




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